Note: This is a bonus assignment, this may only be done when all due work is completed!!

Open your Titleblock and SAVEAS Template 2

Draw the following with centerlines and dimensions. 

Center the drawing and print the drawing out.

See below for hints.

Hints on completing this drawing

Bottom Center Area

Copy the bottom line up 9 then draw in the 60° line until it hits this copied line.  

Lastly draw the 30° line until it hits the centerline. 

Top Corner Area

Draw a line from the corner down 25 at a –45° angle.

Draw a line from the end of this line to the edge of the object at a 45° angle.

Copy this line down 12 at a 45° angle.

Copy the corner line over 12 at a 45° angle.

From the intersection draw a line any length at a –75° angle and trim or extend until it connects with the other line.

Mirror these lines to the other side, using the corner line as the mirror.

Dimensioning the corner

Copy the line down 12 at a 45° angle and up 25° at a 45° angle.

Dimension to these copied lines.

Extend the lines to the dimension and object leaving about a 1mm gap.  


Change the extended lines to the dimensioning layer.