Open your Titleblock and SAVEAS Template. 

Draw the following and with centerlines and dimensions.

Center the drawing and print the drawing out.

See below for hints.

Important Snaps for this Drawing:

Open the OSnap toolbar to select what Object Snaps are needed

Quadrant- Snaps to the closest quadrant of an arc, circle, or ellipse (The 12, 3, 6, or 9 o’clock position).

Tangent- Snaps to the point on a circle or arc that, when connected to the last point, forms a line tangent to that object. For example, when you use the three-point method to draw a circle, you can use Tangent to construct a circle tangent to three other circles.

There are many ways of completing this drawing.  Here is one of them:


Start by drawing the left 2 circles


Then with Polar Tracking  on, draw the vertical line up and the horizontally to the right.

Then draw the line down to the center of the arc and draw another circle to the correct size.

Copy down the top line and the left line over as needed.

Draw a vertical line up from the left circle the Trim the lines to their proper lengths and the top of the circle.

  • Select Trim then right click to make all lines trim lines then select line ends to trim.

Locate the center of the right circle and arc by drawing or copying lines over and down.

  • Draw the right circles
  • Draw line up from quadrant on left side of right circle

Draw a line from the tangent of the 8mm circle to the 26mm circle.

  • Click Line
  • Click Tangent
  • Click the 8mm circle
  • Click Tangent again
  • Click the 26mm circle


FILLET the required corners their specified radius.

  • Select Fillet 
  • Type in “r” for radius then specify the radius of the fillet
  • Select the 2 lines that you wish to fillet.

Draw a 15mm line from the corner of the second box. 

  • With Polar Tracking set to 45°, draw a line to intersect with the top line.
  • Right Click on Polar at the bottom of your screen to change settings.

Trim lines and dimension.

Set to scale in Layout View, center, print out, have a student check over for errors then hand in.