Drafting Portfolio Creation Using PowerPoint

Capturing Pictures from AutoCad

Open the AutoCad drawing you want in your portfolio.

Go to the Paper Space/Layout tab  

Turn off the Grid in both Paper and Model 

Zoom into your drawing and capture a screen shot by hitting the “Print Screen” key on the keyboard.

  • This captures the screen shot and puts the image in what is called the buffer or clipboard 
  • You will not see anything happen at this point.
  • You will be pasting this image into PowerPoint 

You will be cropping each image in PowerPoint after you insert it.

Creating a PowerPoint Portfolio

Open PowerPoint.

Use the blank slide or you may go to File pull-down and select New then and pick one of the templates.

  • To delete existing boxes (such as "Click to add Title") select the box and select the "Delete" key on the keyboard.

To insert the screen shot you captured in AutoCad select the Home panel then Paste.

If you need to add a new slide - go to the HOME pull-down and select New Slide.

To insert your AutoCad drawing that you put in the buffer using Print Screen key on the keyboard

Crop your picture and add shadow/border as needed by clicking on the picture then select Picture Tools.

  • Select the handles of the picture and resize to what you want.

Click off your image to then be able to grab the corner handles to Resize the drawing image or select the Rotate green dot to rotate the image.

  • The center handles will cause your image to distort, therefore avoid using them.


  • The Type of drawing
  • The Title of the drawing - see the website

To enter a new drawing go to the HOME pull-down and select NEW SLIDE and then enter your next part to your portfolio.

Create a Title Page with the Text Box and Picture inserts.  

  • You can add a background to all your slides by going to the Design panel.
  • You can add sound but remember if you are going to use this portfolio for an employer or for post-secondary school entry, make sure the sound is not irritating to those listening to it.  
  • To change the order of the objects on the page, Right Click on the object then select Bring to Front or Send to Back.

To play the presentation click (at the bottom of the screen) or hit F5.


There are many other features in PowerPoint that can be used to make your presentation more interesting, but be careful not to take away from what you are trying to present.  Some of the features are: Backgrounds, animation, movies, sounds, sound effects, etc.

Email or upload to Shared Folder the finished portfolio for your teacher to review.