What pencil should you use?

  • Use a dark pencil, HB or softer.
  • Letters are darker than object lines.            

Spacing of letters and words:

Should have:

  • Small spaces between letters, crowd them together.
  • Large spaces between words. 

Standards Used:

Good lettering depends on uniformity (the letters look the same).

Use single stroke commercial gothic upper case.

You can develop your own style but this takes a lot of practice (100’s of hours).

Letters to watch – these have no lines on the top or bottom.  

J, I, U

*Letters can be VERTICAL or SLANT, although vertical is usually easier to start with.



  • Guidelines should always be used to give consistent height to the letters.  The letters should touch the top and bottom of the guidelines.
  • Guidelines should be 3mm or 1/8” apart for most lettering but can vary depending on the use.
  • Guidelines are Very Light using a 4H pencil.
Lettering Example.jpg