Key Fob Project



Right Click and Save Target As… to your H: drive the Design Sheet file.

Open AutoCad and open the Design Sheet file. 

In Layout View print off the Design Sheet and sketch in several designs until you have one you would like to make - see the Internet for ideas

Show your teacher your design and have it approved

In AutoCad create the design or designs you want to make

  • Note: As a key fob be sure to add a 3mm hole for the ring – this may require creating an eyelet with a 7mm diameter.
  • Note: You may wish to find a picture on the Internet (right click and select copy) and then insert it into AutoCad (Ctrl+V) and then trace it using the Spline tool plus the other Draw tools as needed.

Switch from 2D Drafting mode to 3D Modeling mode at bottom right of the screen. 

Using Presspull, pull the drawing out 3-5m

  • Note: If you have different areas you can have different heights (2-7mm).

You may want to round the edges of your design using the Fillet tool under the Modify menu.

  • Note: You must first type R for Radius and then set the radius.
  • Note: The radius must be less than half the thickness if you want to round the front and back.
  • Note: To use the Fillet command set the radius then select one edge then Enter or Right Click (to accept the radius or change it) then select all the edges you wish to be rounded and when finished select Enter or Right Click to finish the command.
  • Note: Not all edges can be filleted.

Under the Application icon select Export then Other Formats and save as a .stl file format with your FULL NAME - Colour.
Example: Ben Richardson - Red.stl -- See reels under the printer for colour selection.

NOTE: You must select the object to finish the command!!!


Email your designed Full Name - Colour.STL file to your teacher for printing on the 3D Printer
Note: If no specified desired colour in the file name it will be printed with whatever colour is currently being used