• These assignments will challenge you to problem solve.  
  • Your teacher is there to help you find places where you can find answers to your questions via books, websites, forums, video tutorials, etc.
  • You will be expected to work to solve your own problems and work with other students to find answers to your questions.  
  • You will be expected to document what you have learned and how you found answers to your questions.
  • The teacher will not be solving your problems --- you will.  
  • Remember to use the HELP pull-down, the Internet, see if we have any books on the software, check I:/Muir-Drafting to see if there is any info for the particular software. If you find a good tutorial we can add it.

Note: Marks will be earned and/or deducted depending on your level of problem solving techniques learned. These will be evaluated by the demonstration of the work completed along with an evaluation of your problem solving efforts to search out answers on your own. 

Therefore work completed + demonstration of learning to problem solve = more marks.

  • Any tutorial work can be submitted by creating a PowerPoint of pictures of the tutorials completed along with an explanation of the tutorial.
  • Read below for what you need to accomplish with the each piece of software.
  • You have 4 weeks for each piece of software.


  1. Open Word and write up what 2 pieces of software you are planning on learning (see below).
    • Research how you plan to learn the software you have indicated you will be learning and then beside each piece on software document this plan.
    • Email this plan to your teacher before starting.
  2. At the end of Week 4 submit a set of house plans or a PowerPoint documenting your work completed on 1 piece of software.
  3. At the end of Week 8 submit a set of house plans or a PowerPoint documenting your work completed on 1 piece of software.
  4. Add to your Level A & B PowerPoint Portfolio your Level C Work
    • Minimum of 10 Level C slides for 10 marks
    • Should include a short description of each type of drawing presented.

Architectural Software

REVIT – click for free student version

REVIT Floor Plan Procedure Sheet

ARCHICAD – click for free student version

ARCHICAD Floor Plan Procedure Sheet

SKETCHUP – click for free download

SketchUp Assignment

Draw 3D building then add to Google Earth


For a quick roof method see http://www.valiarchitects.com/sketchup_scripts

Possible Architectural Bonus Work

--- Teacher Approval BEFORE Starting ---

Bonus Work Ideas

  • Render out a picture of your house exterior and/or kitchen
  • Create a more complicated roof to an existing plan
  • Other…

Mechanical Software

INVENTOR – click for free student version


·        Find and follow tutorials to learn the software

·        Create a multi-part moving mechanical object.

·        Marks are based on complexity of object and the quality of the drawings.

·        Create the 3D Printed object

Possible Mechanical Bonus Work

--- Teacher Approval BEFORE Starting ---

Bonus Work Ideas

  • Create a working model of the cum-a-long
  • Draw a full set of plans of the Jack Plane.