One View Shape

GASKET - 01  

Open your Titleblock and SAVEAS Gasket01

Gaskets are made of thin material (metal, cardboard, cork, rubber, etc.) that are used between metal parts to seal the connection.  Click the logo to see gaskets used in Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

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Follow the procedure below and draw the following with centerlines and dimensions.  

Working in Model Space draw the outside line using coordinate entry. Note the lines to be drawn last.

Copy the bottom line up for the horizontal centerline.  Plus copy the left side line over for the vertical centerlines.

Using the POLYGON tool to draw the inscribed/circumscribed polygons

Draw the diamond shape to the side then move it into position.  First draw the height and width centerlines, then draw the outside line.

gasket 8.jpg

Select the centerlines and extend the lines by selecting the blue grips and set them to the proper size.  Then while the lines are still selected change the layer to Center .

Type in LTSCALE and set to 10 to get the centerlines to be dashed.  You may need to try other sizes depending on the scale of the drawing.

Dimension your drawing.  

  • Note:  To dimension the angular dimension first draw a vertical line.
  • Note:  The 1st dimension is 10mm away the 2nd is 8mm from the 1st.
  • Note:  Add material type notation. 

Centering and Scaling the Drawing in Layout/Paper Space

Switch to Layout/Paper Space

Notice that the drawing is too large to print at a scale of 1:1 on letter size paper, therefore it will need to be re-scaled to a different size.

Double click on the drawing inside the yellow Viewport box to work in Model Space while still in Layout/Paper Space. 

Note: The bottom toggle button will change from Paper to Model  

Note: If you zoom in or out you will be changing the scale of the drawing, but not accurately.

Note: To get back to Paper Space click the Model toggle button and it will change to Paper.

Now you can zoom in and out without changing the scale of the drawing.

With Model toggle activated center the drawing by clicking on the wheel of the mouse to pan the drawing until it is approximately centered in the titleblock.

To rescale the drawing:

  • Change to Model.
  • Select scale box and at the bottom right of screen, set the scale to 1:2 to changed.

Next you need to turn on Paper Space Linetype scale:

  • Type in “psltscale”
  • Type in “0” for on
  • Type in “re” to regenerate the drawing
  • If needed then type “ltscale” and readjust the linetype scale until you get the desired dashed lines.

Print/Plot the Drawing

SAVE  your drawing.

Print / Plot the drawing.

Hand in your drawing to the instructor for marking.