OPEN your Inch TITLEBLOCK drawing.  This drawing will be used for all your drawings; it is like getting a new sheet of paper except it is personalized to you.

Resave this drawing now as Dimex.

  • The sizes of this drawing are in inches, therefore you will need to use your Inch Titleblock with all of the Imperial settings completed.
  • When setting dimensions away from the object the first dimension should be about 3/8” (0.375 in.) and the second about 1/4” (0.25 in.).
  • Note: That reamed holes are accurate to 0.001 of an inch, whereas the rest of dimensions are accurate to 0.01 of an inch.  To change this:
  • Double click on the reamed dimension number to change it to add REAM and then delete and change to 1.000 or 0.750
  • You will need to scale this drawing down to 1:2 to fit – remember to note this in your titleblock.
  • You will need to change the LTSCALE in Model Space to somewhere around 0.5 for this inch drawing (hidden line dashes should look about 3 to 5 mm).
  • You will need to change to Layout View and make sure you are in Paper space then change the PSLTSCALE to “0” – then change to Model space and type in RE to regenerate the drawing so the centerlines and hidden lines show up. 

Center the drawing, scale, print off and hand in to be marked.