Note: This is a bonus assignment, this may only be done when all due work is completed!!

Open your Titleblock and Save As Dial Indicator

Draw the following with centerlines and dimensions.  

Center it and print the drawing out.

There are many ways of completing this drawing.  Here is one of them:

Draw a line straight down at a length of at least 104mm.

Polar array this line 360 times with the center point at the top of the 104mm line. 

  • Select Polar Array 
  • Select the line you wish to array.
  • Specify the Center Point at an end of the line.
  • Specify the number of Items as 360.

Erase the top half of the lines, as we do not need them.

Draw 5 circles from the center point.

Trim all the lines so the only ones that are left are between the 88mm and 96mm circles. This creates your angles. 

Draw a line that is 30˚ and 34˚ off of the 0˚ mark (the vertical line).

Trim the circles and add a 83mm circle.  Where this circle intercept with the 30˚ lines is where the 6mm in Diameter circles go.

Draw a 74mm and 89mm circle.  The 74mm circle is the top edge of you Dial Indicator.  The intersection between the 34˚ and 89mm circle is where your 3mm in diameter holes go.

Clean up by trimming and erasing lines that are no longer required.

Draw a 15mm circle on the intersection of the 30˚ mark and the 89mm circle.  These are the outer edges of the Indicator. 

Trim up lines and circles and erase 89mm circle.     

Draw a 92mm and 94mm circle.  These are you lengths for your angle marks.  Trim four and then leave one.  Keep doing it to the end.  The last one you should NOT have to trim.    

Add the text, proper center marks, and dimension.