Open your Inch Title Block drawing.  This drawing will be used for all your drawings; it is like getting a new sheet of paper except it is personalized to you.

If you have not set up your dimensioning parameters this will be the first task in this next drawing.  You will then save this as your Inch Title Block drawing so you will keep these new dimensioning parameters.

Dimensioning Setup

If the Dimension toolbar is not on your right hand side of your screen select the VIEW pull-down, then TOOLBARS, and then select DIMENSION to open the Dimension toolbar.

Select the DIMENSION STYLE icon , then select the MODIFY icon.


Setup the dimensioning as indicated below; notice the many variations possible for later use.

Under the Fit tab is the ability to change the placement of the text or arrows

Occasionally you will need to set the Fine Tuning option so you can Place text Manually, but leave it uncheck until needed.

Always leave the “Use Overall Scale of:” equal to 1.

Set the Linear and Angular Dimension Precision on a drawing by drawing basis as to the accuracy given or the accuracy required to build the part.

Leave the Zero Suppression Leading and Trailing --- Unchecked.

We will not be making any changes under the Alternate Units & Tolerance tabs.

Select OK when finished all the modifications, then select Set Current and Close.

Switch to Model Space and delete your titleblock in Model Space only (the BLACK ONE).  


In Letter - Inch layout view (paper space) you need to create a Viewport to look at you model space as follows:

  • Switch to Paper Space 


  • Switch to the Viewport layer 


  • Right click on SNAP  and select Settings


  • Type in MVIEW (for make view) and create a box for the Viewport as shown below:

Save as… this drawing as Inch Title Block. This will then be used as a template for all your other drawings.

  • Resave this drawing now as CutterBlank.
    • The sizes of this drawing are in inches, therefore you will need to use your Inch Titleblock with all of the Imperial settings completed.
    • When setting dimensions away from the object the first dimension should be about 3/8” (0.375 in.) and the second about 1/4” (0.25 in.).
  • Center the drawing, scale, print off and hand in to be marked.