Crane Hook     

Draw in Orthographic - see notes on Orthographic.

Draw 2 Views, as shown – Front and Right Side.

See notes on Sectioning.

Make a Section Layer and give it a color of Cyan – Put your Hatch on this layer.

Do a Full Section on the Right Side View as shown of the pulley, bushing and bracket.

Click to Open PDF of Crane Hook


Finding the arc centers

  • Locate the end points
  • From the end point draw a circle the size of the arc.
  • From the center of the circle the arc touches draw the radius of the circle + the size of the arc.
  • Use the same method to find the 7.5 radius.

Drawing the Hex Slotted Nut (Castellated Nut)  


  • The bolt size is M12 which means it is a 12mm Metric threaded nut, therefore the nut size is a diameter of 12mm x 1.5 = 18mm from flat to flat.


  • To draw the nut first created a Polygon  with 6 sides, Circumscribed and lined up with the centerline.  Remember to rotate the nut for the other view.  
  • Carry lines up to create the sides of the nut then delete the polygons.
  • Lay out the holes – the side holes should be drawn smaller as they would actually be ellipses.
  • Then draw the arcs.
  • Lastly trim and cleanup.

Final Product


Bonus: Add in dimensions when you have completed all other work.