Coordinate Entry Review

OPEN your Metric TITLEBLOCK drawing or continue working from the above.

SAVE AS this drawing as TEMPLATE2 to your H: drive.

Notice the name of the drawing in the top screen bar; it should be TEMPLATE2.

Change the DIMENSION STYLE and MODIFY under the Primary Units tab the Linear and Angular Dimensions Precision to suit the drawing below.

For the 8.5 dimension you will need to: 

  • Select Override and change the precision to 0.0
  • Now dimension the 8.5
  • After this dimension if you wish to go back to the standard settings, select Standard and Set Current. 

Switch to Model Space if in Layout/Paper Space.       

Change to the OBJECT layer.

Draw the following shape for this Assignment.

Print out at a scale of 1:2 and note this in your title block.

SAVE your drawing.

Hand in your drawing to the instructor for marking