AutoCAD Absolute Coordinate Entry

There are 3 main methods of Coordinate Entry to accurately draw lines, move, copy, etc. to achieve your desired drawing.

Coordinate entry is the most accurate method to draw objects and is what will make your a true omputer Aided Drafter and Designer.

Coordinate entry works of the Cartesian Grid System. Usually the bottom left of the screen is the absolute coordinate of (0,0)

To work in the absolute coordinate system chose what you wish to draw (line, circle, rectangle, stc.) or modify (copy, move, rotate, etc.) and then type the the absolute coordinate you wish to go to. Below is an example of absolute coordinate entry

Coordinate Type Format Examples
Absolute Coordinates


Distance in the X and Y from the absolute 0,0 point.

Specify Next point: 3, 27

Specify Next point: 12.337, -0.125

Specify Next point: -3'8", 196'6 1/2"

Absolute Coordinate Activity

Draw the shape above using absolute coordinate entry

  • Start at point A then go to point B, C, etc.
  • First select LINE tool, then for point A type in the coordinate 2, 2 at the command prompt.
  • Hit the F12 key to turn off Dynamic Input if input boxes such as the following example, appear while drawing lines.


  • To get to point B, input 2, 7 (for "0" to the right in the x-axis and "5" up in the y-axis).
  • Continue for points C to J 

Make sure you have your worked reviewed before moving on.

Do not Dimension.