Student News

#richit10 : Python reading homework

Hi info Tech 10ers

We are starting the Programming Unit of our course and I would like to use our class time for experimenting with programming in Python.  For us to be able to do that I would like you to read up information about Python for homework.

Programming Arcade Games is an excellent resources for learning Python.  Please read Chapter 1: Create a Custom Calculator for homework and we will do the lab portion in class.

You can also find a link to Programming Arcade Games on the Info Tech 10 page under programming resources.

Happy reading

#richit8 - photography/photoshop information.

Hey everyone!

Over the coming classes we will investigating photography and using photoshop to manipulate these photos.

If you have a mobile device, you will be able to use it to take photos of objects around the school. If you don't, don't fret! You can buddy up with someone or borrow a camera from the Info Tech room.

Can you please bring in the following tools to class to be able to complete our learning outcomes.

  • If you are using your mobile device, please bring in your cable to connect your phone to the computer
  • A USB memory stick to save your photos and Photoshop files

#richit10 - Business Apps Presentation - Wed 18th Feb

Hey techies, 

Your business applications presentation are due on wed, Feb 18th.  I will be randomly selecting the groups that will be presenting, so come prepared.

Make sure you have done all your research, you have developed your script, presentation slides are complete and you have practiced your presentation well.

I am looking forward to seeing all your presentations!

Website Changes

I have made some major changes to my website recently.  These changes were made in hope of making it easier to find information and assignment we cover investigate in class.  Under the Learning Resources folder there are links to course level resources. The aim of these changes it to not restrict any student from investigating topics to that of just the course they are enrolled in, but to encourage to always be looking to learn as much as possible.

#richcode - Programming notes are starting to go live!

if you go the the Resources page in the Programming section you will be able to find some of the slide information that we have discussed in class over the past week.  You will also find the source code that we have worked on in class if you wish to work on it at home.

If you wish to work on code at home, please download and install the NetBeans package with the Java SDK located here.