Thank you everyone and have a wonderful summer.

To all the wonderful students and teachers at Sullivan Heights Secondary, it has once again been a pleasure to work with you all throughout this year. As many of you know, I don't know where I will be teaching next year. So I would like to wish everyone an adventurous, relaxing, safe, sun soaked or prosperous summer break. 

Many kind thanks and best wishes,

Mr. Richardson.

Using iPads, iMotion HD and iMovie to create an iStop-Motion-Animation!

I have recently just completed a unit with my Info Tech 9/10 class on Stop Motion Animation. I started this unit off with having students complete two tasks. Firstly students created a 10 sec animation using the Filmstreet Stop-Frame Animator. This introductory task gave the students an idea of what stop motion animation is. Next task was to introduce iPads and have students experiment with an app called iMotion HD. They were we recreating an animation where they were drawing a picture on a piece of paper. I let the do whatever they wanted and after 15 mins I borrowed one of they creations and displayed it on the projector through an Apple TV. This allowed us to have a conversation about the quality of work and what could be done to improve the animation. In no time at all students were suggesting; - "It's to jerky, make more photos with smaller movements" - "The image is jumping around a bit, can they try and keep the image in the center of the frame" - "you can use the onion skin option in iMotion to align next image with previous" - "you could also put a mark on the table to make sure the ipad gets placed back in the same spot"

The students then teamed up into groups and were given a week and a half to create their movies. It was a lot of fun to watch the students run around the school acting out their movies. Once they had finished they moved onto the post-production phase. They were still using the iPad for this, they had to import the movie created by iMovie HD into iMovie. They needed to add a title page, a transition, some music and sound effects and end the movie with some credits. It was great to watch as the students experimented with the application, testing out it capabilities and it's limitation. They discovered that since we were not syncing the iPads with a computer, that they discovered the limitation of themes, music and sound effects. This is something I would like to address in future iterations of this assignment.

It truly is amazing what the students will create when they get an iPad in their hands and are given the freedom to go anywhere in the school and create whatever they want. Here are 3 examples of some students work

This unit definitely captured students, in the future I would like to explore more mobile based learning, where students have the ability to move around, create and research topics in their own way. This teaching strategy definitely required me giving up a lot of control to the students and trusting them to d the right thing, but it paid off with their engagement and energy they brought to task.