Reflecting for Learning

Here I am on the precipice of a new term of Grade 8 Info Tech and I am once again thinking about my curriculum implementation. There has been a lot of discussion about how to develop Communicating Student Learning at Sullivan Heights and what models are out there for doing this. The way I see it at the moment is that the students can communicate their own learning, or the teacher is communicating what they perceive the student has learnt. I believe that to teach and encourage students to communicate their learning will help reinforce that learning.

This is my lead in to reflections for learning. Through the use of online portfolio systems, help students to organise and express their thoughts. A reflection is one of the tools that will allow a student to do this and allow for documentation of that moment of learning and also to be able to measure their progress over time.

Whenever anyone is asked to share their interpretations and thoughts it is a risk for that person. How will my interpretation be perceived? Will I right? Will I be judged negatively? At least these are some of the same thoughts that I feel about my own practice as a teacher. I have been meaning to write a blog for awhile to document my journey as a teacher, but have always worried about the judgement that I could receive. 

Why now? I wanted to practice what I am about to start asking others to do. I feel that to be able to teach my students more effectively in this area, I need to provide examples of how to do this. Which means I need to make it a regular part of my own practice.

I am currently thinking that my workflow in reflecting for learning will be to write a personal journal entry every day for 30 days and to blog about experiences and opinions that I feel passionate about sharing.  I have chosen the 30 days, because this seems to be an regularly agreed upon belief tho make something a habit. And here my journey begins!