#richacc12 - Apr 21 Ch 7 Test and Solving Trial Balance Guide due.

Chapter 7 Test will be held during block 5 on Apr 21.  You will need to be able to:

  • Use the Six Steps in Posting

  • Understand the Posting Reference (P.R)

  • Understand Cross-referencing

  • Be able to create a Trial Balance

  • Solve a Trial Balance that is out of balance

  • Enter transactions into a General Journal and Post to the Balance Column Account

In preparation for the test, you will need to have completed question 7 and question 8 from pages 240 - 243 of the text book.  

You will also need to create your very own "How to solve a Trial Balance Out of Balance Guide".   This guide needs to explain the process you use when you are solving a Trial Balance that is out of balance