E-Portfolio Blog Analysis : Extra Credit Assessment

Analyze at least 3 different blogging systems for the purpose of creating e-portfolios. Answer the research question below with the blogging systems that you have chosen. Finally do a comparison between the blogging systems you have researched and the Surrey Schools blogging system.

Research Questions

  1. Which of the area of attraction does the blogging system included?
  2. Instructions on how to use each of the area of attraction, include images.
  3. Compare and analyze the areas of attraction for each blog.

Areas of Attraction

  • Embed Twitter
  • RSS feed
  • Blogs ordered by date
  • Archive
  • Video Embed
  • Image manipulation and posting
  • Analysis service
  • Searching
  • Tagging, categorization
  • Editable Themes, background, colours
  • HTML and CSS editing
  • Save posts without publishing
  • Being able to manage postings
  • Email membership
  • Notification of action on blog

Suggested Blog Sites For Analysis

  • Blogger (Google)
  • Webnode
  • Wordpress
  • Edublog

Final Comparison

  • Quick "how-to" guide for SurreySchool Blog
  • Compare your analysis with SurreySchool Blog
  • Suggest improvements for the SurreySchool Blog