Angle Bracket

  • Draw in Orthographic - see notes on Orthographic.
  • Draw 3 Views – Top, Front and Right Side.
  • Use a miter line to construct but remove later.
  • Remember to use hidden lines.
  • Dimension – see notes below on dimensioning.  

Basic Dimensioning Rules:

  1. Dimension lines are spaced 10mm from the object and 8mm apart from each other.  Overall dimensions should be placed outside smaller dimensions and should not cross.
  2. Do not duplicate dimensions (one change should be all that is necessary). 
    • Do not over dimension - only what dimensions are needed to build it.
  3. Usually dimension on the view that will be easiest to understand which is usually:
    • First on the front view
    • Secondly on the top view
    • Lastly, if needed, on the side view.
  4. Usually dimension:
    • Between the views
    • To the right side of the view.
  5. Avoid dimensioning to or from hidden lines.


Parts of Dimensions

  • The computer does most of the work for you when dimensioning – you just specify the start and end points and how far from and what side you want the dimension to be located
  • To make changes to the settings in the computer program you need to understand the parts (names) of the dimension.