#richcode - Programming notes are starting to go live!

if you go the the Resources page in the Programming section you will be able to find some of the slide information that we have discussed in class over the past week.  You will also find the source code that we have worked on in class if you wish to work on it at home.

If you wish to work on code at home, please download and install the NetBeans package with the Java SDK located here.

Thank you everyone and have a wonderful summer.

To all the wonderful students and teachers at Sullivan Heights Secondary, it has once again been a pleasure to work with you all throughout this year. As many of you know, I don't know where I will be teaching next year. So I would like to wish everyone an adventurous, relaxing, safe, sun soaked or prosperous summer break. 

Many kind thanks and best wishes,

Mr. Richardson.

#richacc12 - HW 10.2 ex 2

If you did not complete this exercise in class today, you need to complete it at home tonight. 

Thanks to all those students who have submitted their Witness Fitness assignments, I look forward to going over them.  

If you have not completed this... get it done!! There are not many days left of class for the year.

#richmkt12 - Video ad proposal due tues 20th May

The media technology department has some free time and are able to create 3 video ads.  Your task is to create a proposal for a video advertisement to be presented to the Marketing Manager (Mr. Richardson).  The top 3 presentation with be developed into advertisements by the media technology department (Ms. Painchaud Block 1 Info Technology Class).

Your presentation needs to include:

  • Product Description
  • Price
  • Location
  • Target Market (Primary and Secondary)
  • Information about your brand
  • Promotion, if any
  • A storyboard describing how your add will be structured.
    • Minimum 6 scenes
    • A description about what advertisment strategies you are using?
    • What message are you trying to say with your ad?
    • What kind of sound effects will you need?

Good luck and I look forward to seeing your presentation on Tuesday 20th of May.

#richmkt12 Advertising Cost Research Task

Write a report outlining the costs of advertising your print ad in the following mediums:

  • Yellow Pages
  • Bus Shelter
  • Roadside Billboard
  • Newspaper/News Website

For each of there Interior and Exterior Mediums provide cost information for 3 different options. (1 mark per option)

Your report should include an introduction, body and conclusion section. Your introduction should talk about the aim of this report in relation to your product. The body of the report should discuss the advertising costs of the different options. the conclusion should talk about which choice you would use and why they are the best options for your product.  (3 marks)