#richmkt12 - Video ad proposal due tues 20th May

The media technology department has some free time and are able to create 3 video ads.  Your task is to create a proposal for a video advertisement to be presented to the Marketing Manager (Mr. Richardson).  The top 3 presentation with be developed into advertisements by the media technology department (Ms. Painchaud Block 1 Info Technology Class).

Your presentation needs to include:

  • Product Description
  • Price
  • Location
  • Target Market (Primary and Secondary)
  • Information about your brand
  • Promotion, if any
  • A storyboard describing how your add will be structured.
    • Minimum 6 scenes
    • A description about what advertisment strategies you are using?
    • What message are you trying to say with your ad?
    • What kind of sound effects will you need?

Good luck and I look forward to seeing your presentation on Tuesday 20th of May.

#richmkt12 Advertising Cost Research Task

Write a report outlining the costs of advertising your print ad in the following mediums:

  • Yellow Pages
  • Bus Shelter
  • Roadside Billboard
  • Newspaper/News Website

For each of there Interior and Exterior Mediums provide cost information for 3 different options. (1 mark per option)

Your report should include an introduction, body and conclusion section. Your introduction should talk about the aim of this report in relation to your product. The body of the report should discuss the advertising costs of the different options. the conclusion should talk about which choice you would use and why they are the best options for your product.  (3 marks)

#richmkt12 market positioning question due 24 apr

Please answer the following questions on market positioning:

  1. List the first brand name that comes into your mind when you think of the following categories:  cereal, watches, athletic shoes, soft drinks, hamburgers, chocolate bards, juice, bottled water, casual pants, and sunglasses. (10 MARKS)  Explain why you think you names these brands first.  Give 3 reasons. (3 MARKS)
  2. List two products or services to illustrate each of the five types of positioning named in your notes (Long Term, Relevent, Price, Clear and Coherent and Distinctive).  (10 MARKS).  Select 5 products that you know well, and describe the type of positioning that each product has.  Explain the reasons for your judgment for each one (10 MARKS)
  3. Select a product or service that has no position in the marketplace.  How does it establish a place in the market.  What would be a good position for it and why do you think this?  (5 MARKS)