In the space provided at the bottom of the page, please answer all of the following 6 questions.

1. What does CSS stand for? 

2. What is the syntax of tags in HTML?

3. Show code to turn an image into a link to

4. Write code to represent a list of 3 animals where only the list items have a green background.

5. What CSS property:value combination would you use to make 2 <div> tags be able to be next to each other

6. Debug the following:

    title Please Remove all the Bugs /title
    <style type="text/javascript">
    .body {
        background-color: 'yellow';
        padding = 0:
    header {
        width= 100km;
        height= 200px;
    <header style="background-img='filename.gif'")
        Here is the content of the page;
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